Stars Class

18 months

– 2.5 years

Class 1

8:30am – 10:30am

Class 2

10:40am – 12:40pm

Rocket Class

2.5 years – 3.5 years


9am – 12 noon

Astronauts & Astronaut-Captains

over 3.5 years


8:30am – 1:30pm

Pm Enrichment & Extension


1 pm – 4 pm

Enhancing Academics Through Socio-Emotional Learning


Sportball SG runs the sports program

Sportball Multi-Sport programs introduce children to the fundamental concepts and skills behind eight popular ball sports.


Art with Teacher Namiko

Join practicing artist Namiko Chan and explore the wonderful world of art. Children will not only learn about famous artists and some of their techniques but will also have the freedom to express their own creativity.


Cooking Science

Cooking is an exciting way to reinforce the math, language, science that the children learn at school.


Chinese Speech with Zhang Lao Shi

华文演绎与表演能激 发孩子学习华文的兴趣  乐中学,玩中爱,学习华文并不难。

Learning Mandarin is not difficult when you learn it through speech & drama.


Swim with Coach Ian Cheung

At Little Hands, our swim classes are also a perfect opportunity to form close bond and social time with friends.

Most of all, swimming is a lifetime of fun!

What is the class size?

Our smaller classes and student-to-teacher ratio ensure that children are given plenty of individual attention.


16 Children

4 Teachers


22 Children

3 Teachers

Astronauts & Astronauts Captains

20 Children

3 Teachers

What about Mandarin?

Mandarin is introduced daily through the best medium possible – through an enthusiastic and energetic native-speaking teacher who immerses this language into exercise, music, movement and day-to-day living.

Where do most of your students go after Little Hands?

We prepare them with school-readiness skills that make the transition as smooth as possible.

  Our students move on to local as well as international schools.

How do I communicate with my child’s teacher?

You can contact our teachers via email:

or Call after their teaching hours: 68352354

Will my child be prepared for Primary One?

“After teaching in a local primary school for several years, I was compelled to start a preschool that would be prepare children for the demands of our local system… without the pressure but with the pleasure of learning.”

Sherlyn Lee Lim (Founder of Little Hands)

How will my child be prepared for Primary One?

To be well prepared for Primary One, one should develop the following skills:


The ability to integrate with others, with information, with what is happening at school.

A child who can integrate is able to thrive in all spheres: social, academic, and physical.

Conceptual thinking

The ability to grasp concepts leads to learning more quickly.

A child can grasp concepts easily need not relying solely on memorisation.

Critical thinking skills

The ability to analyse and apply concept appropriately.

A child who can think critically is able to problem solve and not feel “stuck”.


The ability to think or use information in a novel way.

A child who can innovate has an advantage because challenges are seen as a opportunities, not obstructions.


The ability to approach tasks positively with the belief that one can overcome.

A child who is confident enjoys school and is more likely to succeed.

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